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Let me be the judge of me

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Let me be the judge of me

I challenge each and every one of us on the question of “are we a person that judges others?” I say, yes of course we are. It is inevitable. A part of our human nature. Whether its good or bad, and judgments do tend to lean more towards the negative than the positive. It happens so quickly. We can just look at someone and make a judgment. Or how someone speaks, how they look, what car they drive, so many possible ways to judge someone. And for ourselves to be judged.

The goal is to accept that this is happening and to realise that you can not please everyone. It is impossible to have everyone like you and if you are constantly trying to have everyone you meet like you, you will very possibly make yourself ill. Be yourself and you be the judge of you. And let others be the judge of themselves.

With that sense of self, comes a sense of peace.

Let me be the judge of me - Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching

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