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Its spring time. Its time to clean house of toxic people.

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Its time to clean the house!

It's springtime. I love the spring. It's my favourite season. Its the time of new beginnings, longer evenings, birds singing and getting rid of toxic people from my life!

If someone doesn't like you, love you and accept you for who you are it might be about time to say goodbye. Especially if these same people are unkind and unpleasant to you each time you communicate with them.

Are people that make you feel awful really worth it?

Isn't life just that special that you don't need to hang on to people who make you feel awful?

I realise that it's easier said than done, but at least think about it and be aware that when you're in such a persons' presence, do what you can to stay safe.

Sometimes we can't just remove toxic people from our lives. Sometimes we are temporarily stuck with them, like an unpleasant neighbour or colleague.

Limit your interaction with all toxic people

It's a good idea to limit your interaction with all toxic people but the times when we do have to interact, go with your brain rather than your heart.

Use your logic, NOT your emotions! In situations like this, your emotions will only cause you pain. You already know this person is toxic and harmful to your health. Your emotions have done their job so now let your logic protect you further.

When and where you can, let toxic people go. If they don't add to your life in some way then doesn't it make sense to remove them?

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