Jodechi Life Coaching and CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Single Session (60 minutes) £80

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking and solution orientated therapy and a well-known form of psychotherapy. I am a qualified practitioner and I understand the powerful impact these CBT techniques can have on helping empower people back to health and well-being.

I work with each person to identify and understand problems in terms of the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I have had success using the CBT techniques and tools with people who are facing different types of challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, panic attacks, OCD, and different types of phobias.

Young man with eyes closed and head up

Some people assume that CBT is just another ‘positive thinking’ fad – in fact, my aim is not just to teach the client to think positively but to help teach them to think realistically. When things go seriously wrong in one’s life we need to get a clear view of what has happened and that we do have the power to change things. Using CBT, I will help put the situation into a realistic perspective without taking away the seriousness of it.

I am convinced that in many instances emotions and behaviour are determined by the thinking we do and that emotional imbalances result from negative and unrealistic thinking and that when we alter these patterns, emotional disturbance can be reduced or eliminated. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the idea that our interpretation of an event is crucial; we often incorrectly assume that other people or unfortunate circumstances are directly responsible for the unpleasant way we feel.

Take, for example, the case of public speaking. Two speakers may give the same talk which is equally received by the audience. One speaker may notice the applause and be pleased about the way she performed. The other speaker might feel upset because he thought that the audience was not sufficiently appreciative.

Therefore, it is clear that the same event may lead to a range of emotions depending on how the event is interpreted and evaluated. I integrate many of the CBT techniques into my daily working practices while staying faithful to my central philosophy of treating the person as a whole rather than trying to treat the symptoms.

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One of my CBT clients wrote -

I can’t begin to put into words the changes that have occurred in my life that have transformed my self-worth and my self-belief. Jodechi has enabled me to look inside myself and work out my strengths and deal with my weaknesses. Getting my self-esteem back has been a work in progress.

“I believe it is Jodechi’s unique way of doing things and using all of who she is that has helped me so much. I know we did CBT and I know we did coaching but there were also so many things that I feel are uniquely Jodechi. She has an intuition about things which is truly extraordinary.

“At last, I can see who I am and the direction I need to go in order to fulfil the endless possibilities that I have to choose from.