Jodechi Life Coaching and CBT

Coaching and Therapy for Couples and other relationships

Single Session (60 minutes) £110

I work with people in many different types of relationships- married couples, partners, gay/lesbian couples, couples preparing for a divorce, couples trying to heal their relationship after an affair and so many others. I really enjoy working with couples because part of my job is to help people listen to each other and really hear what is being said and to take it on board and apply it to real life. I act as a translator and also a mediator some of the time and I also create a safe space for one person to be able to view the other person without anger, hatred or doubt. It is about being human and yes we all make mistakes but how do we recover from our mistakes if it’s something that our partner can’t forgive?

I will help you find your way through whatever it is and wherever you are at and come out on the other side. I will work with you and your partner to help identify what you want to achieve in your relationship and help you to build a stronger and more caring relationship with each other. I will help each of you listen and truly hear what the other person has to say. I will also act as mediator if and when necessary. I will help by always remaining neutral and without any judgement. I am there to help your relationship move forward in whichever way you feel is best as a couple.

One couple I worked with said -

“Jodechi saved my marriage. Her down to earth approach to both my husband and myself and her refusal to take sides and her genuine desire to see our marriage survive, these are the reasons. My husband and I now have a “toolbox” that we will continue to use whenever we get stuck somewhere that we don’t want to be. Whenever I think of Jodechi, I smile. She has helped me, and us, beyond words. Thank you so much.”

And another woman wrote -

”Jodechi was recommended to us by a good friend. My husband and I were well into our divorce by the time we met Jodechi. We needed her to help us to listen to each other again and try to get rid of some of the anger and hate.

“We knew we no longer wanted to be together but we have children together and so we will always be in each other’s lives. We needed to find a new way to relate to each other and we did, with Jodechi’s help. In one session we were even laughing together and that hasn’t happened in years.“

As couples, we all get knocked about by life- some get through it together and some don’t. We didn’t but we now have clear goals, guidelines, and boundaries for the future and we both feel so much better. Hard to believe but it’s true. Thanks, Jodechi.”