Jodechi Life Coaching and CBT

CBT & Youth Coaching for Teenagers

Single Session (60 minutes) £80

I have been a youth coach and CBT therapist working with teenagers for 18 years now and during this time I have been able to help teenagers deal with the pressures of life in a much healthier way. I have helped them deal with issues such as bullying, ghosting, peer pressure, catfishing, anxiety, self-harming, depression and stress. This has helped develop their self-esteem and self-confidence in the process. I use both the CBT and the life-coaching in my work with teenagers as both areas are often needed.  Both therapies work well with each other and this helps me with what each person might be dealing with at the time.

A teenager wearing a hoodie and denim jacket

Life coaching for teenagers, although it seems relatively new, has actually been around for years. It is about personal development for teenagers. How do they go through life’s challenges and pressures in a healthier way? How can they deal with the pressure of exams better? I provide these young people with someone to talk to about anything and everything. A safe place. No judgement. Just clear constructive, positive ideas to help them feel better and live better.

I help teenagers identify their goals and achieve these goals even if they have been told often that they can’t achieve these goals - I will help them to find a way. I am here to help change destructive thinking and behaviour and to also help each person use these new aspirations as a guide and to continue working towards their goals. I will help your teenager manage and deal with life’s challenges and pressures in a healthier way.

A teenager looking into a mirror

A 19-year-old client of mine wrote -

I found myself in a very bad place as a child and again 8 months ago when my dad passed away. I am 19 and thought nobody could help me, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“As soon as Jodechi starts talking you already feel better, she opened me up like a book and could read me instantly. I have been to many places in the past where I didn’t feel any connection or comfort, but Jodechi has completely changed my life. I have gone from being a nervous wreck to an ambitious young lady ready to start a positive future.

“I have overcome many challenges throughout my time with her, I would never have dreamt of driving on the motorway or using public transport all due to my anxiety, but within the last few weeks I have been up to London, used the transport, flown to Paris and up the Eiffel tower and used the motorway a lot. She has a lovely aura and a lovely perspective on life. Her smile is contagious and I guarantee she can help with any issue you may have.

“Thank you Jodechi