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Part of being wise is avoiding unpleasant people.

Don’t let nasty people get you down. Retain your loveliness.

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Don’t let nasty people get you down. Retain your loveliness.

You could be a saint, (possibly not but for sake of this discussion) even if you were you would still get gossiped about by people that are unkind and malicious. Sadly, I believe its part of many peoples nature. If you have ever watched someone gossiping there is often a gleeful look on their face. The real enjoyment of what they are doing. Like they know what they are doing and then they do it anyway.

I tend to steer clear of people like this because I remember that old adage: "If they are gossiping about someone else you can be damn sure they will be talking about you when you leave the room."

Pay attention and when you see it, leave it. But just as important when you hear malicious gossip that someone is saying and spreading about you just remember that even if you were a saint, they would still do it. I know this lovely woman in my village. She helps everyone when she can and she is kind and generous with her time and money. The gossips have attacked her lately saying that she has so much money that she should be doing more with it to help people. Really? I feel that statement is wrong on so many levels.

The only way you can win this one is to be who you are and stay lovely. Don't let the gossips bring you down to their level. Please. As my client said to me the other day: "the world needs more lovely people."