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Take personal responsibility.

Taking on and owning your personal responsibility is a big ask. It's challenging and demanding. And it's so worth it!

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Taking on and owning your personal responsibility is important. It's challenging and demanding. But it allows so much good into your life- more happiness, more self-respect, more self-confidence.

It allows an opportunity for constant personal growth. If you are continuing to examine your actions, words, and deeds and owning those at the highest level, then that is personal responsibility. And that is very satisfying and life-affirming. When we don't take personal respectability for ourselves then this will and does affect how we feel about ourselves. It can cripple us over time with a very low opinion of ourselves.

If you have fallen out with someone you care about, ask yourself how and where am I responsible? What could I have done differently? What can I do now to change this situation for the better? If you know that there is something about yourself that you don't like and that you want to change, get started. If you see a situation that needs your help and you then avoid it, this will affect you. We will always know when we haven't done what we should have. We don't escape that inner voice which is always ready to tell us where we messed up.

In all moments- check in with yourself. Is this who I want to be in this situation? Will I respect myself if I do this? Will I respect myself if I don't do this? Step up. Stand up. Take positive action. And always remember- you get what you demand and you encourage what you tolerate.